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Fitting Instructions

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45mm whitewall insert set - atlas white walls australia

Standard 45mm Whitewalls

These are our best seller and are designed to fit all tyres from 50 profile and up.

We reccomend these to everyone as they will fit all tyre types quite easily and look super sharp.

Yes they work on tubless tyres!

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45mm White Line Inserts

These inserts will also be an easy fit, they have a 22mm piece of black rubber followed by 23mm white rubber, giving a White Line look.

Once again, these are a universally easy fit product.

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75mm Whitewalls

These are designed to fit on 80 profile tyres and up. They will not work with tyres that do not have a sufficiently sized sidewall.

Please contact us if you are unsure about this size working on your vehicle before you buy.

Made my car look a million bucks!

Thanks Guys

Adrian, eBay user

Super Easy to fit

Ultimate Tyre and Auto, Bendigo

Fast P&H, looks great!

George, Malmsbury Moto Co.

Fitting instructions

Step 1

It is critical that the inner rim of the wheel is super clean for the whitewalls to fit, if there is any oil, soap, grease etc then they will slip out and the process will be very frustrating.

Remove the wheel from the car and break the outer bead of the tyre, get a rag with some prepsol or thinners on it and thoroughly clean the inside of the rim where the whitewall will be sitting between the rim and the bead of the tyre.

Step 2

it the White Wall Insert to the outer part of the rim, position so it will be sitting in its fitted location. Do not use soap, these need to be fitted dry.

Step 3

 Inflate tyre until it POPS back over the bead and lower the tyre pressure to about 18 PSI. 

Look at how the White Wall Insert is sitting.  If you are satisfied, inflate to correct pressure, rebalance and fit to your car.

Should the White Wall Insert not sit in the desired location with the tyre pressure at about 18 PSI, then use a rubber mallet over a clean cloth over the White Wall Insert and gently tap the White Wall Insert in or out to adjust how it sits until you are satisfied.  Then inflate to correct pressure, rebalance and fit to your car.



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